“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

When time, ability or desire, does not allow for you to manage your personal finances, I can step in and assume those essential and yet often tedious tasks for you.

Sometimes all you need is a little organization… someone to understand and manage your assets and liabilities, income and expenses, cash flow, budget… someone to manage your on-line banking… someone who will report back to you each month with detailed financial reports… someone to act as a liaison between your Attorney, CPA, Investment Advisor and family members. I enjoy taking care of these vital tasks for my clients and work to understand your needs and then tailor my services to best serve you.

Over the past fourteen years my business has focused on providing services which encompass three areas of personal financial management:

•    Fiduciary Services: POA, Conservator and Trustee
•    Financial Services:  Personal and Estate Bookkeeping
•    Daily Money Management Services: Personal Financial Management

Ann Town, President
I have worked with Ann Town since 2007. She started by helping me with my personal finances, organizing, restructuring and budgeting. My trust and respect for Ann grew and soon she was seamlessly involved with my corporate finances. As a family owner of the Dead River Company I must say she has become integral to both personal and corporate matters. I treasure Ann for her ability to communicate with many different moving circles and her ability to focus on what is most important.